Current News
Published on : 10/3/2018
PTM will be observed on 27 March 2018.
Timing for PTM 9:00am to 12:00 noon.



Our beginning

The school management decided to name the school "Madhuban Vatika Public School". This school is run by Rama Krishna Educational and Charitable Trust, since 2005 with the objective to give the Quality Education to the rural area. Also to provide Quality Educational facilities to all the children (Irrespective of caste , creed and colour) desirous of getting high quality education. This school is co-educational in character. It is being run on public school lives and Aspire to get coveted membership of the council for Indian Public School in due course of time.

The School Emblem

The emblem embodies with in itself a mine of ideas and it indicates what the school stands for. The outer circle signifies the universe, the oneness of human family. The inscription on the emblem, "Knowledge is Power" depicting education is the power sources that shape and mould the child.

The 'Mishal' plays its great importance here. It inspires the teachers, students and our environment that we all are one and should live without fetters of caste, colour or creed. It shows the light of education or knowledge is endless as the light of God. It communicate that we always learn to create this light of knowledge uniformly. The 'Book' in center urges the students to hunt for true knowledge in the pursuit of truth, ever widening their vision through scientific research and creative imagination students gets message by this book of knowledge to spread the fragrance of honesty, simplicity, peace, love and joy.